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Stella Ekebuisi

Stella largeBSc (Leeds), MA (London)

Head of E-Learning

Location: Scape 0.01
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 78822801
Skype: stellaekebuisi

Stella leads the E-Learning Unit (ELU) within the CAPD, which provides practical and strategic support for individuals and faculties engaged in e-learning, as well as for the development of learning technologies across QMUL.

Stella is the lead for the following services offered by the E-Learning Unit within the CAPD

  • Developing strategy and planning for e-learning
  • Implementing QM strategy related to e-learning in partnership with other stakeholders

Stella is also

  • Module convenor for ESDM018 – Teaching with Learning Technologies
  • Project Executive for the following projects: QMplus Phase III; Recording Booths for Distance Learning
  • Chair of the E-Learning Steering Group
  • Deputy Editor for the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) Newsletter (

You might want to get in touch directly with Stella if you:

  • are a Dean for Taught Programmes, Head of Department, Director of Teaching or other senior member of staff interested in e-learning development in your area of the College
  • have an idea for a medium or large scale e-learning initiative that may involve or benefit other areas of the College
  • are interested in engaging in formal professional development in the area of e-learning
  • are interested in evaluating, undertaking scholarship or sharing practice about e-learning activities you are involved in
  • have any suggestions or feedback about the services and support offered by the ELU
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