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CAPD Statement on Sustainability


The CAPD is committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact in all our activities, including in the programmes and workshops that we manage. Up until now we have asked session tutors/facilitators to send us any handouts they require, and we have printed copies for all workshop participants. We are keen to reduce the amount of paper we use as a department, and therefore in the future we will be asking tutors to provide materials in electronic form which can be sent to the participants in advance, and accessed on tablets/laptops before, during or after the session. Participants will be free to print these handouts themselves if they wish. We will still be able to do small amounts of printing, where it is vital for a particular session.

Therefore if you are running a session or workshop we ask that you:

  • Think carefully about what you require in the way of printed handouts/workbooks for your session.
  • Design your session in a way that cuts down the need for printed materials.
  • Only request printed materials which the participants will need during the session (e.g. specific pages of a workbook for completion during the session).
  • Design any printed materials in a way that reduces paper usage.
Photo: Sustainability image light bulb at sunset Intel Free Press, 2014
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